A Priority qualifications graduates of the STIE Jakarta Master of Management Program have the opportunity to become Lecturers, Management Consultants, Management Professionals, Management Researchers, Management Policy Analysis and as Management business practitioners.

To achieve this profile, the concept of learning outcomes with reference to the general objectives of postgraduate education in the Masters of Management are as follows:

Have Cognitive Ability (Knowledge) :

  1. Knowing practical knowledge in the field of management (planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and implementing evaluation) in an ideal organizational management governance.
  2. Mastering knowledge in determining practical analytical methods or techniques for assessing organizational functions (Operations, Marketing, human resources, finance and management strategy) of various organizations.
  3. Mastering the fields of science and technology that are currently developing, both inter and multidisciplinary approaches.
  4. Knowing research and development in the field of management that is beneficial to society.

Have the ability to behave(Affective)) :

  1. Able to demonstrate dedication, loyalty, honesty and commitment to the organization.
  2. Able to behave positively both adherence to the religion adhered to, applicable state legal norms, social norms and community norms.
  3. Able to contribute in improving the level of life in society, nation and state.

Have the ability Skills:

  1. Able to implement Management knowledge in designing strategies (marketing, finance, operations and human resources).
  2. Able to design and implement innovations in management and organizational functions.
  3. Able to provide assistance (monitoring) in management and organizational practices.
  4. Able to carry out management advocacy in all types of organizations in the field of applied management.